11. What happens if I want to sell my property? Do I still pay management charges?

Yes. You, as owner of the property, are responsible for the charges up to the time that the property is legally transferred to the new owner. Absolute Property Management issue a receipt which you give to your Solicitor at the time of the sale and your Solicitor will apportion the costs and recoup the balance from the purchaser. At the time of the sale all outstanding management charges will have to be paid to date and the sale cannot be completed until the outstanding management charges are paid.

12. Who pays for insurance?

The insurance for the common areas is organised by APM who on an annual basis bid out the insurance for quotation and together with the Directors decide to whom the insurance will be placed with. The payment of the insurance is included in your management fee. Insurance cover will always an excess and this varies from complex to complex. The insurance for the contents of individual units, including personal belongings, and accidental damage is the responsibility of each owner and we strongly advise that owners and residents put this cover in place.

13. What about maintenance and repair?

All maintenance and repair issues should be reported to Absolute Property Management by telephone or email. Absolute Property Management provide a 24/7 service for emergency maintenance and repair and we only provide maintenance and repair by approved and qualified service personnel who are properly insured and compliant and with whom we have negotiated preferred rates of engagement. The response time depends on the nature and type of the reported repair but any items that are considered to be health and safety items are dealt with immediately. Absolute Property Management acting on the instructions of an owner where the callout turns out to be non-emergency and non-essential will carry the normal charges.

15. When I contact Absolute Property Management, to whom should I speak?

We have nominated a property coordinator for your development whose name and contact details you will be given and this person deals exclusively with your complex. However, in the event of that person not being available any other member of our team will be delighted to speak to you and deal with your issues.

16. How do I log in? I am a property owner.

Login details are sent by post to owners with notification of the AGM. If you have lost or forgotten your login details, please contact us and we will assist you with the provision of this information.

What information can I access once I login?

Annual accounts, newsletter, notices. We encourage owners to log in occasionally during the year for updates relevant to the property.